Why Fresh Fetch?

Our Commitment and Values

Our commitment to our customers is that everything we produce is 100% natural, preservative and grain free and that we source all of our ingredients as locally as possible to support our local farmers & fisheries, contribute to a zero waste and sustainable model and stay focused on our environmental footprint. It is our belief that this earth is to be loved and honored as we do our bodies and those of our pets.

We produce in small batches and ensure the highest standard of care and quality is met with every product that reaches your pets bowl. We believe that real wholesome pet nutrition is the best and the future for our pets and it is our commitment and goal to deliver that into as many homes as possible. 


It is our goal to reach as many animal companions as possible, starting on Vancouver Island and expanding as far as we can as we grow over the years. We donate partial proceeds to local animal rescues so that every animal we can reach has the access to nutritious food and proper care.

Fresh Fetch has been Island Good certified since day one. This means that we are Vancouver Island local and that we source over 80% of our products locally. Island Good help’s shoppers easily identify local products on the shelves of stores and assists our communities in growing stronger together by supporting local businesses.