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What sets us apart

Fresh Fetch focuses on providing premium quality nutrition to our best companions and it is of utmost importance to us that we do this while we support local farms, fisheries and other small businesses. We source from as close to home as possible and always ensure that every ingredient we touch is fresh and beautiful. We produce in small batches and take a lot of pride in where we live, work and play. “More time together” isn’t just our slogan, it’s our main goal, to share wholesome, fresh, honest and affordable nutrition with our best friends and be together for as long as possible. Fresh Fetch was born out of a tremendous love and that love we will now carry on to you..

Fresh Fetch About

Preservative free

Made in small batches

Made In Small Batches

Fresh Fetch About

Locally sourced organic ingredients

Fresh Fetch About

Sustainability and environmentally focused

Fresh Fetch About

Giving back to local animal rescue societies

Fresh Fetch About

Island Good Certification


Our Story

Fresh Fetch was born out of the love for a yellow lab cross named Berklee. She came into our lives to enrich every day and in between our first and our last day together were twelve amazing years full of really big love, adventure, companionship, loyalty and the best friendship one could ever ask for. A huge part of how we cared for her and our German Shepherd Max was by feeding a clean, whole, natural and healthy diet.

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It is our belief that this earth is to be loved and honored as we do our bodies and those of our pets.

We produce in small batches and ensure the highest standard of care and quality is met with every product that reaches your pets bowl. We believe that real wholesome pet nutrition is the best and the future for our pets and it is our commitment and goal to deliver that into as many homes as possible.

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