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Premium Whole foods nutritional supplement

Coastal Canine Blend is a premium whole foods supplement consisting of a specific selection of local and regional coastal land and sea ingredients. Coastal Canine Blend is prepared, perfectly balanced, and ready to add to meals and boost the nutritional value of any canine diet whether it be fresh cooked or raw, kibble, freeze-dried, canned, or raw meat.  Our blend provides essential nutrients that support the canine immune system and contribute to optimal health.

Each ingredient in Coastal Canine Blend’s recipe is carefully selected to support canine health; from the anti-inflammatory agents that turmeric and ginger provide, to the antioxidant-filled nutrient-dense leafy greens, and digestive and joint supporting bison bone broth. The vegetables are blended to a fine consistency, breaking down plant walls for optimal absorption, and then frozen to keep nutrients and enzymes intact.


Putting Health First & Ensuring More Time Together

veggies for dogsCanine health issues such as joint deterioration, skin allergies, coat health, weight control and organ health are becoming more and more common resulting in poor quality of life, pain and/or discomfort, expensive medical procedures and ultimately shortened longevity.

Feeding healthy and fresh is unfortunately often very expensive and time consuming (purchasing, preparation, planning). Whether you are a busy professional, a stay at home parent, retired or somewhere in between, Fresh Fetch offers a solution to providing your best friend with the nutrition they need and deserve.



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