About Fresh Fetch

Fresh Fetch was born out of the love for a yellow lab cross named Berklee. She came into our lives to enrich every day and in between our first and our last day together were twelve amazing years full of really big love, adventure, companionship, loyalty and the best friendship one could ever ask for. Berklee inspired us to learn and thrive to achieve healthier lifestyles. She was so much more than a dog, she was a teacher, a student, a partner and a saviour. A huge part of how we cared for her and our German Shepherd Max was by feeding a clean, whole, natural and healthy diet.  

Through many years of research, consultation with animal professionals and hands-on experience, we formulated Coastal Canine Blend, a combination of sixteen human grade super foods that boast countless benefits to both us and to our canine companions. Realizing what limited time most people have to create natural, healthy and wholesome supplemental additions to their dog’s meals, made it an obvious mission to share this blend with as many dogs as possible.  


Fresh Fetch is located in Stories Beach, Campbell River on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada and we take great pride in where we live.  We source all of our ingredients as local as possible to support minimal impacts on our environment and source organically when possible. Fresh Fetch works with local farmers and fisheries and we are proud to be Island Good certified since 2020. We remain committed to aiming for zero-waste through ensuring that all the ingredients we use are used to their fullest potential, by using minimal packaging and of course to ensuring optimal quality & freshness. We donate a portion of proceeds to local animal rescue societies & shelters on Vancouver Island and in British Columbia as we believe that every dog and pet deserves the best in nutrition. Our promise to you is that we are dedicated to providing your four-legged family members with premium quality products that are always natural, nutritious, fresh, local and delicious.

We believe that the goodness in our products can give us all more time together.

Berklee and Max

It was Berklee who started the story of Fresh Fetch, and in May of 2020 (and yes that dog in our logo is indeed Berklee the yellow lab with a painter’s tail and a purple collar) our girl crossed the rainbow bridge with me holding her tight. I knew we had our best time together and that she always got the best from us which gave us as much time as we had together. Now, Fresh Fetch exists in Berklee’s legacy and in her honor. Max still accompanies us on our journey to continue discovering and sharing new wholesome and natural options for our beloved best friends and our mutual goal is for us all to just have more time together.