West Coast Meal Mixers (Salmon & Herring)

West Coast Meal Mixers (Salmon & Herring)

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$2.99 each

Available in West Coast Wild Salmon or Pacific Herring.

In partnership with Walcan Seafood on Quadra Island, BC we bring you our West Coast Wild Salmon & Pacific Herring Meal Mixers. These mixers make an excellent natural addition to any meal for your dog or cat as they are all-natural, premium quality, locally sourced and produced and are conveniently ready to add to meals, boosting flavor and adding nutritional value to any diet whether it be fresh cooked, kibble, freeze dried/dehydrated or raw. 

We like to think of these pouched mixers as “flexible cans” as they have an impressive shelf life of 5 years unopened, making these meal mixers super convenient for everyday enjoyment and taking along while travelling, camping, hiking and even adding to your pet’s survival kit as they are lightweight, slim and easy to store, pack and feed. The pouch technology is very safe, as the cook under pressure guarantees that any bacteria or microbes are eliminated, and the fish is cooked in the same manner that the traditional canning process undergoes.  It is the same Walcan crew, equipment, same amazing fish and process Walcan uses for producing the smoked salmon often seen in airport gift shops and grocery store delis.  Now your pet can enjoy the same amazing West Coast Wild Salmon and Pacific Herring that you do!

There is only one ingredient, simply fish!

You won’t find any gums, water, broth, unnatural oils, starch or cheap fillers in our products, just delicious fish and the natural nutrient dense oil that comes with it. Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, these mixers support a healthy immune system, strong heart health, anti-inflammatory properties and can aid with healthy skin and coat as well as cognitive function.

Mix the desired amount into your dog or cat’s regular meal and don’t forget to get some highly nutritious oil mixed in there too! Store pouch in a cool dry place not in direct sunlight. Once open, refrigerate for up to a week. Do not freeze. This product is intended for supplemental feeding only.

Size Price  Nutritional Info
Small Pacific Herring (113g/4oz)  $2.99 280 Calories/20g Fat
Large Pacific Herring (228g/8oz)  $5.99 570 Calories/40g Fat
Small West Coast Wild Salmon (113g/4oz) $2.99 180 Calories/6g Fat
Large West Coast Wild Salmon (228g/8oz) $5.99 350 Calories/13g Fat