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On this page, you can find testimonials and reviews of our products from our customers and their furry friends!

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4 days and the dogs coats have never been shinier ! Bishop the overweight hound is still maintaining weight with the topper on his Orijen diet food. Lady the underweight chihuahua is gaining weight with the topper on her Beneful . Thank you Fresh Fetch

- Rachel Balabuch

Just so easy to give your friend a little extra. just a few spoonfuls of any of Fresh Fetch products makes a big difference in you dogs coat, and overall health. my 10.5 year old labrador will agree!!

- Scott Hewett

Our big guy is a picky eater and we finally found something that we can add to his food and he can't resist. I found that the salmon/herring pouches gave their fur a beautiful shine.

- Farro Mackenzie

I started using the salmon and herring pouches and Ozzie, my Saint Bernard, loves them! Going to put a dozen in my earth quake pack for him since they’re good for 5 years too!

- Quinn Erickson Webber

Our dog, Caper loves the Fresh Fetch salmon pouches! I love that it is just salmon, no fillers and nothing added! He gives it four paws up. 

- Heather Whitfield

My cats love the Fresh Fetch Salmon pouches Great product! All fish no additives.

- Nikki Stewart

Our Caper loves his Fresh Fetch!! He especially enjoys his Wild Sockeye Salmon meal mixer and likes to have his Coastal Canine Blend too. Helps with his joints and his coat as well. Highly recommend Fresh Fetch!!

- Michelle Twanow