Whole Frozen Pacific Herring

Whole Frozen Pacific Herring

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$7.20 each

*Please note that this product is currently only available for delivery between Comox Valley and Campbell River on Vancouver Island. Pick up options are available if ordering outside this area.

Fresh Fetch is proud to have partnered with Walcan Seafood, where sustainability, responsibility and quality all come first and foremost.  Established in 1974, Walcan is a local family owned fishery on beautiful Quadra Island. Tip to tail, Walcan is committed to hiring and working with local fishermen, processing and distributing their many amazing products, all while seeking local relationships to better our communities and now to providing top quality nutrition to our four-legged family members! 

All Walcan’s fish are ethically sourced and are BC fish from DFO regulated fisheries. The herring are not roe herring and are deemed unsuitable for sport bait. Walcan’s quota is composed of less than 2% of the total quota available for herring on the coast and last year they saw a significant drop (almost 50%) in fishable quota although the survey that began in March sounded over 100,000 tons (more than ten times what was available to be caught).  Walcan always under fish their quotas and release everything from their live ponds at the end of the season.  All fish that come out of the water prioritize local needs first and all of the fish are honoured by using 100% of them. These herring are frozen within two hours from the time they are caught which maintains their freshness and overall premium quality.  It is very important that we support and maintain sustainable fishing and both Fresh Fetch and Walcan are jointly focused on consistent responsible sourcing. 

Fresh Fetch always prioritizes local sourcing of all our products and strives for nothing less than premium quality in freshness and nutrition for our fur babies. Whole raw frozen herring are completely safe and beneficial to feed as they come. All fish have been blast-frozen to ensure processing safety and bones are 100% malleable. 

Benefits of Feeding Whole Raw Frozen Herring:

  • An excellent source of protein rich in Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Aids with joint health and mobility
  • Beneficial to skin, coat, heart and brain
  • Great treat to supplement your pet’s diet!
Size Price  Nutritional Info
1 lbs Whole Frozen Pacific Herring $7.20 -- Calories/-- Fat
10 lbs Whole Frozen Pacific Herring $59.99 -- Calories/-- Fat